Health Care Systems Comparison Between Third World Countries and Rest of the World

This may be one of the hot topics during this pandemic covid19 now a days I have bearing in mind through many articles, blogs and videos, sealed health care system has excellent clinical staff sharing their experiences to handle the patient. This move business occurs first era in their computer graphics to handle consequently many patients at one time, coarsely subsidiary fade away third world countries we can select some of them from the big numbers, following Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and as a consequences considering reference to, where health care systems are the complete limited together as well as-door door to population of the nation, there hospitals are always greater than budded cannot accommodate everyone in daily routine.

US, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and China have mighty health systems their system shook due to Pandemic covid-19. Usually they handled limited patients, 90% of them are insurance coverage cooperative and land are running responsibilities, which they treat accordingly, they don’t have to slant financial issues, because they have mighty protection of running to child support.

Comparative to them, we have many issues to cater, first of all the 3rd world countries already far away afield as soon as from developed and plentiful countries, they have social, economic, put it on and order issues, they cannot manage to pay for coverage to of their citizens a feel care, but they have adeptly trained staff, they handle thousands of patients in their daily routines. In my experience I have faced traditional daily gunshots during city crises in Karachi, Gang wars, Snatching and blind grenades are taking excitement of many, I was operating in Private Hospital where unaided affording patients were coming

for atmosphere care as followed by JCIA protocols. During my training dispensation hospitals visit was as well as portion of our studies, where I have seen thousands of peoples, most of them can’t afford shoes and slippers, they were barefooted, follow long queue, the casualties by yourself detain wound and fresh trauma’s auxiliary than that treat as clinic cooperative and have to wait for the perspective.

It’s not approximately our country that never adopt basic health system to the citizens, excuse may be all we have 40% of the population is illiterate or proper system. Our Nurses and Doctors are subsequently ease trained because they handle large number of patients concerning daily basis which polish their skills.

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The University Hospital where have I have been trained, afterward understand my clinical realization during city crises, assassination of former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mohtarma Benzair Bhutto and subsidiary crises. I am glad that I got opportunity to enlarge CPR Codes considering Colleague Doctors in Emergency Department as a Nurse to revert patient gain to life.

Covid 19 Pandemic has started its root into Pakistan, India and additional backward countries, they are a pain to pause its proceed by strict lockdown, conservatory institution, and worships, yet upon daily basis 2-digit peoples are dying that’s a controlled figure, but numbers of suspected and victims are adding together upon daily basis, Nurses, Doctors and added paramedics are intensely bothered to cater the issue as we take happening

“We associate Allah and to Him we will compensation”.