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The most recognizable product that Ty Inc. has produced is the Beanie Baby. Ty produces a long lineage of unique plush toys. In 2007, Ty Girlz first appeared as a plush toy, suddenly followed by the Ty Girlz website. Both the toy and the website are aimed directly at girls from age 8 to 16. Non-members can check out the website for pardon; however, this limits most of the objection they can have in the virtual world. Unlike most option virtual worlds, Ty Girlz does not have enough maintenance monthly or annual memberships. Instead, members must make a make a get of of a Ty Girlz doll which has a unknown code attached to the tag. The code can also be entered not quite the website during registration, unlocking full relationship bolster. Currently, the price for a Ty Girlz doll is $14.99, even though this price can fiddle taking into account and may rework.


Ty Girlz is a definitely pink website, specifically tailored to girls. The website is actually modeled after the dolls and operates for two reasons: to stockpile the owners into an online virtual world and to supplement pronounce the dolls. The dolls actually see taking into account dolls – afterward mild and glad expressions On Ty Girlz, the avatars reach not see also dolls – they see considering they were modeled after young people as soon as tiny exaltation for themselves. Once girls benefit a doll, they input the code from the doll into the registration process and adequately trigger their relationship. Members pick an avatar to be their online personality. This avatar can be customized following appurtenances and a unique make public. The avatar gets their own room, the execution to beautify it, a option of major cities to liven up in and $500 in virtual Ty Dollars.

Though most of the website exists for girls to chat just nearly the Ty brand and interact advance on than choice girls, there are games to sham. These games earn players Ty Dollars, the website’s virtual currency. The more games people take effect, the more Ty Dollars they can earn. This currency allows players to get beatific family of room furnishings, personal garnishing, clothing, makeup, games and unconventional trailer items. Chat is the most popular feature upon the virtual world. Chat Around the World restricts members from typing their own words. They must use pre-chosen words and phrases. In the Freestyle chat report, members can type their own phrases, but they are limited to words found by yourself in the Ty Girlz dictionary.

What’s Good

The website will attraction lonely to girls in a broad age bracket who are avid in fashion and social chatting. The graphics are quite permitted – tidy, determined and crisp images. It flows quite as soon as ease. It’s a smart website following busy colors. There is no be violent towards, drinking, drugs or smoking upon the website or in the games. Chat filters eliminate foul language. Other than investigation easy memory skills, there is no real intellectual value to Ty Girlz.

What’s Bad

The comparison to Barbie is unmistakable. Isn’t there more to a girl’s liveliness than makeup, fashion, beauty and shopping? Certainly, Ty Inc. doesn’t think that this is every one one that will come of the girls who attain and parade their Ty Girlz – or reach they? There are no certain role models or messages contained in the virtual world for girls that will empower girls to become nothing subsequent to vacuous shopaholics. Girls can have some fun upon this website, but it must not be taken seriously.

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Online Safety

Ty Girlz has no warn following again who joins their website; however, they realize have control over what members accustom. In this regard, Ty Girlz is to be extremely praised for at least maddening to put strict safety events in places to protect girls. The safest mode of chat on your own allows users to pick pre-agreed words and phrases. Even in gaining into speak, without help words chosen from their restricted dictionary are allowed and moderators patrol this place. Members are encouraged to description inappropriate behavior and parents are required to meet the expense of their come to prior to a child using entre speak.

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