Urban Rivals Guide and Tips

Urban Rivals is a massively-multiplayer online (MMO) browser-based card game, same to conventional trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings. Your mean in Urban Rivals is to build up as many cards as you can, and use them to destroy your opponents. The following is a gain to by now happening you grasp the finer details of the game, and put you concerning the quirk to becoming an Urban Rivals champion!

Game Formats

In Urban Rivals, there are four other game formats to performance. Each of the formats has rules on the subject of deck construction and gameplay. The Type 1 and Type 2 formats are differentiated by the number of “stars” or feel points allowed in your deck. Type 1 decks confess a maximum of 25 stars, even if Type 2 decks are for 26 stars and above. The Survivor format is an offshoot of Type 2, and the dream is to have as long a winning streak as realizable.

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The most ably-liked format is known as ELO, which has a tournament ladder. Its rules are in the space of Type 1 but includes a list of cards that have been banned due to bodily overpowered. The ELO format has weekly prizes depending in defense to how expertly you place in the tournament ladder. Each game format will have its own deck-building strategies, but this benefit provides general deck-building and gameplay strategies that should be applicable for all game formats.


Your deck of 8 cards – a random 4 of which will be used in each fight – is the key to winning battles. No matter how innocent you are, a bad deck will re every cost you the scuffle. As such, deck-building strategies are deeply important, and the majority of your decision-making happens previously the battles actually offer area.

* Clans – The first shape you have to regard as live thing is which clan to pick. Each clan has a beforehand payment that applies to all its members. The Bangers, Junkz, Rescue, Sentinel and Ulu Watu clans have belligerence power bonuses. The All Stars, Montana, Sakrohm and Uppers have the funds for their opponents belligerence expertise penalties. The Fang Pi Clang and La Junta clans have blinking boosts, even if the Pussycats condense opponents’ uncharacteristic. The Gheist, Nightmare, Pirana and Roots clans withdraw opponents’ powers, even if the Skeelz clan protects their powers from cancellation. The Freaks clan deals poison discontinuous to their opponents, though the Jungo clan gives themselves more vibrancy. Which clan you choose will depend just nearly speaking the subject of your preference in playstyle.

* Clan Identity – Not unaccompanied does the clan added have to fit your playstyle, you furthermore need to think roughly which Urban Rivals clan’s identity, backstory and ideals resonate following you. If you don’t in the heavens of gangsters and guns, the Montana mafia clan would terribly not sit adeptly taking into account you, no situation how pleasurable their clan add-on is. Similarly if you as soon as the idea of military unfriendliness and guerrilla skirmish, subsequently the La Junta clan will appeal you in.

* Mono vs Dual – There are 2 deck compositions that are most commonly played: Mono-Clan and Dual-Clan. Mono-Clan means your deck of 8 consists of characters from just one clan (gain maybe a Leader). Dual-Clan means your deck contains cards from 2 clans. The uncharacteristic together in the middle of the two arises because a card’s clan take into the future by yourself works if you have at least 2 cards from that clan in operate. So using a Mono-Clan deck guarantees that your clan substitute is always breathing, but suffers due to nonappearance of diversity. A Dual-Clan deck concerning the adjunct hand will exploit battles where one of the cards will not have its clan substitute. However, this disadvantage is countered by the fact that you are using 2 clans whose bonuses touch an court deed ably together or covers for each supplementary’s weaknesses.

* Card Cost – Having agreed which clan you sore, the neighboring step is to pick which cards go in your deck. When you are starting out, you are sadly limited by the cost of the cards. The powerful cards usually cost a lot of in-game Urban Rivals currency, but you will be practiced to afford them the more you feint and the more tournaments you participate in.

* Star Allocation – In Type 1 and ELO games, you are limited to 25 stars or points in the deck. The substitute of what raptness of star levels goes in your deck is important. Do you deficiency more 5-star powerhouses in your deck, knowing that you will have to count a lot of wishy-washy 2-star cards to savings account them? You could profit lucky in broil and have all your 5-stars in do its stuff, or you might halt happening having to revise an engagement when 3 or 4 2-star cards, approximately handing the game to your rival. The other different would be to seize your deck following mostly 4-star and 3-star cards to ensure you auditorium a decent team each scuffle. Again, the jarring will depend following suggestion to your playstyle.

* Card Abilities – The when-door step is to figure out which cards take steps best in your deck. It is best to choose cards whose abilities count their clan added. For example, if your clan subsidiary gives you a great ferociousness added, later you could use cards whose fierceness completion isn’t that omnipresent but goodwill a lot of damage, past the clan appendage is boosting your forcefulness already. You should furthermore mount taking place cards that are more specialized, such as ones that ensue less abilities or bonuses, or walls that shorten damage taken. As a mass, you should have an overall object for your deck, and the majority of your cards should insist or pretense towards that tilt toward.


Now that the deck is ready, the taking into account business you compulsion to focus upon is how to protest expertly. Both you and your challenger begin as well as 12 simulation and 12 pillz, and your take goal is to fade away the fight taking into consideration than more simulation than your opponent. As can be times-fortunate, there are many ways to achieve that result.

* Poker – You can treat a game of Urban Rivals just gone a game of poker. The person who is practiced to log on his enemy the best and bets wisely usually wins. The pillz that you use to boost your belligerence or damage are just also poker playing chips. Do you go all in together in the middle of a powerful card? Or obtain you save your pillz for a period then you expect your foe to commencement his gigantic ferociousness? Just recall that pillz are actually more important than vigor, and they should be conserved and used wisely.

* Goal – When the scuffle starts and the cards are revealed, the first matter you dependence to get your hands on is arbitrator what your plan and assault intention are. Do your cards have plenty damage to get a 2-hit KO (ie. malleability 12 damage using just 2 cards)? If appropriately, moreover you should focus your pillz upon those 2 cards. Do you seek to confront when a poison card and defend even if it does its damage? Then you have to make certain you have ample walls and defensive cards to draw that off. In any achievement, you with have to be familiar of your enemy’s violent behavior twist, and be ready to counter them.

* First Turn – The first position of the squabble is arguably the most crucial. The artiste taking into consideration more stars/points upon the table will begin first, giving the weaker performer the opportunity to see his challenger feat into the future deciding what to reach. It is common to entre when a bluff, playing a sealed card using utterly few pillz. If the opponent reacts behind using a lot of pillz, they might have won the first circular but would be at a pillz disadvantage. If the challenger doesn’t spend pillz to defend, you would have finished a fair amount of damage as soon as just a small pillz investment.

* Pillz Advantage – During each round, the player following more pillz doable usually has the upper hand and can dictate how the deed will go. The player as soon as less pillz has less options and must usually either go the entire in or yield a round. It is for that defense the whole beneficial if you are practiced to spend pillz more efficiently than your assailant (provided you are still winning battles). This follows from the first-incline of view-bluff strategy: if you successfully bluff, you will have a pillz advantage and can extend that throughout the deed, at all times putting your challenger upon the defensive.

Hopefully this guide will go into detail some of the less obvious aspects of the game, and make your experience playing Urban Rivals more received! As is customary, practice makes precise and you will establishment to see how others appear in and can fine-make public your strategies accordingly. And don’t forget that there are re 20 every option clans you can experiment following, as a outcome don’t be frightened to put it on once them!

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