How Candle Packaging Is Playing a Vital Role in the Candle Industry

How Candle Packaging Is Playing a Vital Role in the Candle Industry

Candles are used as a symbol of love, care and emotions towards your loved ones. They are also used in different festivities and celebrations for decoration and fragrance. Such candles are available in numerous colours sizes and shapes which can relate to different moods. They can be differentiated in the terms of wicks, colorants, fragrance and waxes. Their captivating aroma makes the environment pleasant. To protect the delicate candles and to retain their fragrance, candle boxes are used. The artistically designed candle boxes can also serve as a gift box for these beautiful candles. Nowadays, the packaging of candles is playing a significant role in the candle industry as it not only supports the delicacy of the product but enhances their exquisiteness. Candle packaging is equipped with additional supports like lamination, UV coating and Abrasion guards to enhance their protection.

The manufacturing of different types of scented and coloured candles helped the industry to recover from the losses during a recession in past few years. As the demand for candles is increasing domestically and abroad, so a considerable growth is expected in the future. Candle packaging also played an imperative role in this regard. The use of fascinating and alluring candle boxes aroused the interest of customers and made them purchase candles more frequently. Like other products, an attractive and appealing candle packaging is equally important. Whether you are using custom candle boxes, dust covers, any type of retail packaging or sleeves, it plays a big role in determining how successful are your candle products in the market. Below are some of the ways how candle packaging plays a vital role in the candle industry:

  1. Increase Attractiveness:

It has been observed that almost 50% of the people enter the retail store because of an attractive packaging. The more impressive is candle packaging, the more chance it has to get sold out. As the first impression is considered as the last impression, so candle’s packaging is considered the foremost impression that you can create on your customers. The artwork, material’s quality and colours used collectively determine how fascinating your packaging is. All you have to do is to drag the customer’s attention to win the competition on retail shelves. Custom candle boxes serve an easy way to make your product noticed.

  1. Act as Gift Packaging or Decoration Piece:

Candles are becoming decorative accessories rather than being purely functional. Candle is one of the famous gift item preferred by a large number of people on various occasions like birthdays, weddings and Christmas etc. another benefit of offering candle as a gift is the promotion which is carried out i.e. in most of the events it is used as a decoration piece just to create an aesthetic view. Candles are used worldwide, especially for mid-market segment candles should be tempting enough to complement the trends in interior decoration. Fancy candles with imaginative shapes and attractive decorations are admired everywhere. The use of ceramics, metal or glass adds to the value of delicately scented candles.

  1. Prevention:

The candle is an extremely delicate item which melts very easily. If it melts, all the decoration and other artwork can get destroyed. Therefore, such a high-quality packaging box is needed which can prevent the candle wax from melting. Candles have a great market for export especially in Europe, when the percentage of its consumption and imports is increasing day by day. If a proper packaging is made for a candle, it can reduce the risk of damage during transportation when the candles are stacked in a storing container. Following video shows step by step process to enclose candles in a candle box packaging to enhance their protection.

  1. Competition:

With the advancement in technology, the competition has increased across industries. Candle manufacturing is one of them. The variety in the types of candles like soy candles, decorated and scented candles, vegan and gel candles have forced the manufacturers to think a step forward. Even people have started making candles at home and start an online business. So the only way to differentiate and to meet the challenges of the competition is packaging. Packaging can make your candles look different even if they are the same from inside with all the similar characteristics as that of other brands. An attractive candle packaging can boost the sales.


  1. Acts as a Promotional Tool:

A printed candle packaging acts as a promotional tool to increase your brand awareness. Printing an eye-catching logo or a tagline on the custom box can make the customers you more about you. They type of packaging you offer entirely depend on the type of candle you want to put in. It has been seen that with the help of fascinating candle packaging, your product can acquire a special place in retail store display thus increasing the chance of its purchase.
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