There are hundreds of blogs that simply rehash games news — none of which feature on this list. Destructoid stands out as one of the games blogs with a definable character of its own: sharp, sparky and never knowingly dull.

All-day laptop battery life

PCMag’s Sascha Sagan and I were in Hawaii recently for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit, where it talked up its always-connected PC initiative. The premise is that these Snapdragon 835-based devices, like the HP Envy x2 and Asus NovaGo, have built-in LTE radios that provide constant internet connections and 20 hours of battery life.

I’m not quite sure the always-on aspect will be these machines’ biggest selling point, though. In our iPad research, we found that 50 percent of iPads sold include the LTE radio chip, but that only 25 percent of those machines ever have their LTE activated. I think the bigger story from Qualcomm’s event is that incredible battery life. Imagine heading off for the day and not having to think about carrying a power cord for your laptop since you know you will get at least 20 hours of real use.


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Mobile Apps Augment Online Sales

This is the main purpose of a mobile app. It is meant to be a platform where people can place orders. In fact, this is why a mobile app is a must for you. Why would a customer go to your website to order your product when he can order the same product through the mobile app of one of your competitors at the same price? Never underestimate the power of convenience.

Main Features of the Teutonia T-Linx

  • The Teutonia T-Linx is actually a set that includes the following elements: a car seat for infants, an adapter, an impermeable cover for rainy days and also the stroller seat.
  • Featuring top-edge technologies, the system allows the handles and the seats to be reversed, in order to allow the strolling of the baby facing the parent or facing the world.
  • Any movement can be easily controlled with the help of the hand brake and the spring suspensions of the no-flat tires.
  • The 7″ front and 9″ back wheels provide stability, while the sealed bearings and the front wheel suspension guarantee a smooth and quiet ride, reducing vibrations.
  • It features an easy-to-access basket for storage, but it has no cup holders.
  • The canopy and the exterior fabric are not only waterproof but they also offer +50 protections against the ultraviolet rays.
  • The system weighs only 25lb, thus assuring a high degree of mobility, no matter the weather conditions or the type of surface.
  • The seat of this system supports a maximum weight of 50 lbs.
  • The main body’s aluminum structure guarantees stability and compactness, while the fabrics used ensure impermeability.
  • In order to provide a high degree of safety, the stroller comes with a high-quality 5 point harness.
  • Another important safety features, is the reflector for night walks.
  • For every system, the manufacturer offers a 3 years warranty.


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Henrique fogaça

Henrique Aranha Foga? a (Piracicaba, 1? de abril de 1974)? um chef de cozinha, empres? rio, skatista e cantor brasileiro, popularizado por ser um 2 jurados da vers? um brasileira do reality show MasterChef, transmitido pela Band. Al? m disso, Foga? a? vocalista e maestro da banda de down and dirty Oit? o.

Em 2016, Foga? a ganhou 1 programa solo de televis? o: ele? a estrela do programa “200 Graus”, exibido pela Discovery House & Health.

Em 2017, Foga? a lan? systems seu primeiro livro, intitulado “Um Chef Hardcore”, que trata-se de um referencia autobiogr? fico que amalgama momentos de sua deseo com 30 receitas assinadas por ele.

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Grammarly Discount

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How to get followers on Instagram

Share only your Best Photos

Try to be selective when you upload photos. The best way to gain new followers on Instagram is to post content that is attractive for users. People do not want be attacked by detailed projects or just ridiculous new sandals. Look through popular users are posting on Instagram. Use these images for inspiration, but do not try to copy anything. Post only once or twice a day so that you don’t spam your followers news feed with too many photos.

Use Hashtags to Make your Content Discoverable

If you post a picture of the Big Ben, include “#london” or “#bigben” in the description and anyone looking for photos taken in London will be able to find your picture. Hashtags can help you get more users who are searching for a specific photo or subject. Also using popular hashtags, you can get more followers. See if you can use any of hashtags and apply to your photos. Try to use relevant pictures, not to waste people’s time. It is definitely not a good way to gain followers.


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Bud Light’s nonsensical ‘dilly dilly’ becomes viral success

Dive Brief:

  • “Dilly dilly,” a nonsensical phrase prominently featured in Bud Light’s current advertising campaign, has become a viral meme success for the brand thanks to TV commercials, social media integrations and mentions on shows and live events, The New York Times reported. The phenomenon strongly echoes the ubiquity of Budweiser’s “Whassup?” tagline from the late ’90s.
  • Debuting last August and made with the agency Wieden + Kennedy, the creative depicts a medieval courtroom where various banquet attendees gift their king Bud Light, followed by praises of “dilly dilly.” Those that instead offer beverages like spiced mead wine are sent to a “pit of misery.”
  • Budweiser’s investments in live television events, particularly football games, bolstered the tagline’s viral potential, the Times said. Fans have routinely posted “dilly dilly” on social media when touchdowns are scored and said poorly performing players should be sent to the “pit of misery.” Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger reportedly used the phrase to direct his teammates during a televised game in November.


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Advocacy or influence?

Finally, another reason investment in influencer marketing might not come to fruition could be due to changes in what actually generates real success.

Last year, the general consensus seemed to be that micro-influencers were the key – i.e. individuals with 10,000 to 100,000 followers and theoretically a highly engaged audience. However, it has been suggested that the trend is perhaps a scam started by influencer marketing platforms. Essentially, as brands work with an increasing pool of small-scale influencers, ‘high’ engagement levels could be misleading – failing to translate to legitimate or large-scale impact, as well as diluting the quality of content.

Looking at alternatives, some have suggested that advocacy could be the next big trend, with user-generated content potentially leading to higher levels of engagement.

So, what’s the difference between influence and advocacy? In broad terms, it seems the former is focused on driving awareness, while the latter is much more laser-focused on helping others to have the same positive experience as them.

Advocates can therefore be anyone that has experienced a brand or product, regardless of the size of their social media audience or how much engagement they have previously generated. This point is the key, as it ultimately takes away the competition element (and even the danger of fraud) as selection is purely based on genuine promotion and support for brands.