Why Are Manufacturers Using Custom Boxes for Products?

Why Are Manufacturers Using Custom Boxes for Products?

Packaging is the main thing with which the customer interacts first and an attractive packaging has the ability to leave a long-lasting impression about a particular brand. Whenever a business is started, there are different places on which money is invested like recruitment, production, advertisement etc but the packaging is a segment which is not worth the cost. By spending a little on it you can generate drastic results.

Many manufacturers are moving towards custom packaging due to a number of reasons and its specialized features. These custom printed boxes not only make your product look different from others but also provide them with an attractive view than any other traditional packaging box. Moreover, it provides an interesting opportunity for the customers by providing them with an interesting memorable experience which starts from the point customers gets fascinated by custom design. Below are some of the reasons why manufacturers prefer the use of custom boxes for their products:

  • One size does not fit all:


The main reason to adopt custom packaging is that various products are different in shapes and sizes. And a fixed standard size box cannot fit all the products and proves ineffective and costly. Selecting a custom designed box solves your problem. It makes the products to perfectly fit in thus reducing the amount of corrugated cardboard, filler material and minimize the dimensional weight shipping charges. It’s the foremost preference of custom boxes to meet all product specifications. No matter the product is small, large, regular or odd shaped, it provides with a perfect construction needed.


  • Increase brand awareness:


An effective custom packaging design plays an important role in enhancing brand awareness. In addition to using a traditional brown cardboard box for packaging, you can use custom printed boxes with company’s name and logo to highlight them among a variety of products. The use of attractive images and graphics enhance the product’s visibility and make them stand out in a crowd. The more information you incorporate on custom boxes like company‘s slogan, tagline or any celebrity associated with your product, the more people you can attract by creating brand awareness.  Custom branding always portrays a professional image of your brand and make people remember it when they shop next time. It has been seen that many manufacturers and large companies often reinforce their existing brand by using custom boxes for their products.


  • Ensures Durability and Safety:


The main function of packaging is the protection of the product and to ensure a safe delivery. Using custom boxes can ensure the durability and safety of your products by the utilization of high-quality material. It may vary from simple cardboard to corrugated cardboard and Kraft paper etc depending upon the type of product you want to fit in. For lightweight items, custom box made of cardboard is a good option. Whereas for heavier items preferably corrugated cardboard is used, this keeps them safe during transition and storage. For delicate products, custom product packaging provides with the option of using filler material, packing peanuts and corner protection pieces etc to enhance the protection a step further. No matter how perfect your product is, but if it is delivered in an improper packaging it can dissatisfy your customers and reduce sales. On the other hand, making use of custom boxes to reduce the damage to the products during transition or display and can result in a repeated purchase. Following image shows the custom box for glasses which not only protect the delicate item but also appears appealing to the customers.


  • Saves space and money:


Cardboard is one of the least expensive material but various manufacturers fail to realise the cost-effectiveness of using custom boxes and how expensive it can be to be careless about your product’s packaging. Customised packaging helps to save money both from the manufacturer and the consumer end. When a customer purchases a product at a high rate, it means that he is paying an extra cost to deliver the product safely. Normally it has been seen that companies waste a lot of money and efforts to fill an improper size box with packing material than to cut it down to make a perfect size box. This also leaves a bad impression on the minds of the consumers. Moreover, these custom boxes are made up of recyclable material reducing waste to a great extent. Their use can ensure a sustainable environment and have a positive effect on your brand image by showing your concern towards environmental and health issues. Use of custom boxes also reduces the space needed for their transportation and storage. They are normally transported as flat cardboard sheets with easy to form a mechanism which allows users to convert them into the shape of the box in no time.


  • Ease of Customization:


Cardboard is such a material which allows complete customization with respect to shape, size and style. It also has the capability to undergo various printing options to make your product acquire a professional look. Many times it is impossible to use the same standard packaging for different products. Custom boxes provide you with an easy to design a perfect sized box without leaving any extra space. It reduces the cost of the manufacturer side as well as benefits the customer. Various customization options like advanced printing techniques, support cushions, transparency and designs etc can be changed as per customer requirements. These custom printed boxes can also provide outstanding internal packaging to make customers enjoy an interesting unboxing experience.

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