Bitcoin beware

The major growth in overall market cap has largely been spurred on by recent rises in altcoins. The demand for Bitcoin (BTC) has been waning recently, moving prices lower in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Bitcoin dropped as low as $11,833 on December 22. The leading cryptocurrency rallied back upjust a day later, but was followed by a week of volatility.

Yesterday, however, the coin got a boost after news that Peter Thiel’s San Francisco-based venture capital firm had made substantial investments in the leading cryptocurrency, propelling prices back up over the $15,000 mark.

Overall dominance of Bitcoin among all cryptocurrencies has decreased to all time lows, reaching 34.97 percent on Tuesday.



Forex trading platform

We are a state of the art trading platform designed to provide access to opportunities beyond the conventional boundaries of the global financial market. Our platform has been structured through refined software engineering and the latest technology to provide the finest financial trading experience for our clients and partners.

This remarkable platform has been designed based on the vast experience of our very own senior traders with the support from dedicated information technology experts. We are committed to providing each of our clients the unique benefits of matching prices plus liquidity with unparalleled trading experience. Gain direct access and connectivity to an ECN (Electronic Communications Network) and spread-betting network.

At FINTECHFX we are committed to maintaining a sustainable and long-term relationship with all our clients. Now try us and experience the difference!

Forex trading platform

Pinjaman Koperasi

Pinjaman Koperasi dari merupakan wakil pemasaran yang terdiri daripada melebihi 10 buah koperasi dan bank tempatan. Pinjaman Peribadi atau Koperasi khas untuk semua Kakitangan Kerajaan, badan berkanun, syarikat-syarikat yang ada potongan Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA) ataupun Government Linked Company (GLC) seperti TNB, TM, Universiti, MAB (Malaysia Airport Berhad), SYABAS,Risda, PUAS, Puncak Niaga, dan lain-lain walaupun untuk yang mengalami masalah Komitmen Luar, CCRIS, CTOS atau Blacklist dari bank tempatan. Contoh Pinjaman MBSB. Max kadar tetap 4.50%. Tempoh pinjaman, minimum 1 tahun dan maximum 10 tahun. Contoh: RM2000 + 3.40% =RM2068 / 1 tahun.

Maka, kami dapat memberi nasihat khidmat kewangan dengan pelbagai pilihan pakej Pinjaman Peribadi dan Koperasi yang sesuai bagi kelulusan dengan bandingan kadar Pinjaman yang terendah. Semak kelayakan anda sekarang! Hubungi 019 988 2331.


WhyRoute and WhyRoute2. Redundant, Secure and easy setup.

I have worked in IT for 20+ years now and having recognised the need for a better router to supply services for businesses, I developed the WhyRoute2. This proved to be a very effective and reliable router so I went on to develop WhyRoute which is ideal for home use. This offers all the features of WhyRoute2 without redundancy, using proven technology, our prototypes have now been running successfully for several years in various environments.

They have the following features:

• Multi-WAN Load Balancing

• Independant Hardware, One Machine

• VPN – SSL,IPSec, PPTP, WhyRoute, Vyper

• Online Privacy

• Parental Controls

• Web Filtering

• Guides available for all uses

• Stateful Firewall

• Fast updates

• Backup to Cloud

• Traffic Shaper

• Captive Portal Truly Redundant: Independent Power Supply, mainboard, internet connection, High Availability & Hardware Failover.

• Free software support and maintenance for a year with config option and without

Truly Redundant: Independent Power Supply, mainboard, internet connection, High Availability & Hardware Failover.

Security: Based on linux and hardened. Includes Tor networking, Mail and Web filters, Intrusion Detection.

Connectivity: VPN (in and out), DHCP, NAT, Ethernet WAN, DNS.

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What are Slatwall fixtures?

Slatwalls are building materials characterized by horizontal grooves (slats) that come in a variety of customizable forms which range from installed wall panels to freestanding fixtures. Most slatwalls are manufactured to be used in a specific application. Other products are intended to be used across a plethora of display and organizational applications. They are usually used alongside various attachments like bins, hooks, and shelves which slide snugly into the slats. This means you can personalize your slatwall displays in no time without any tools. Additionally, the layout of the slatwall accessories on your display wall can be adjusted easily as inventory or product lines change.

slatwall display

Tacfit commando

Scott Sonnon the “Flow Coach” teaches home exercises that will get you fit as good as the secret services, and American special ops. Tacfit Commando updated with all you need to be commando fit.

tacfit commando


What Is Cat Spraying No More?

It is a comprehensive guide in the form of a 66-page eBook, which contains everything a cat owner needs to know on the topic of spraying. In addition to explaining why cats spray, when they might begin to spray and how to rectify the behavior, it also contains tips, tricks, in addition to a section on what signs to watch for, that indicate that the behavior might indicate something that requires immediate medical examination.

Perhaps the coolest section is the one dedicated to commonly used methods which don’t actually work. The author discusses why these methods don’t work and offers information on what can be done instead to actually solve the issue.


Sarah Richards, who wrote the book, is a veterinarian who works with the ASPCA, and an avid cat lover. Combining her own experiences with her medical knowledge and solid scientific statistics, she has created what is now the authoritative source for information on cat spraying.

Along with your eBook comes four gifts. These can assist in helping you to better care for your feline in all regards:

  • An additional very helpful guidebook featuring vital information on keeping your cat healthy. It discusses potential problems with behavior, what dietary needs your cat has, signs they may be ill, and more.
  • A free app for your phone with recipes to make healthy cat food. It provides fun, delicious recipes to meet all nutritional needs for cats of any age, breed, or activity level.
  • Simple software to keep track of all of your feline’s health data. It includes reminders of vet clinic appointments, weight tracking, age tracking, and quite a lot more.
  • A cat training guide. Training your cat is not easy, as they can be very stubborn. This guide has details on how the task can be mastered. Not only will you be the proud owner of a better-behaved cat, but you can have fun while doing it also!

how to stop cat from peeing on carpet

The basic facts about setting up a business in the USA as a non-native

From big businesses to small shops, more and more people are doing business in the US because of stunning promotional opportunities in the US market. Each day that passes the number of foreign investors is increasing this means there is something in. If you are one of them, you should visit to help you make the right decision.

There are some other difficulties; it doesn’t matter whether or not you belong to the US. You can start your business there despite you are from some other country, and it will be in a legal way. A non-native will have to undergo all the same procedures as a native.

The first thing is to make up your mind. Nothing is impossible in the word and it depends on how determined you are. Before starting a business in the United States, you need to make sure you have enough funds.

There are simple steps you will require to take the initiative. The benefits of being a US Company or shop owner are many. To assist you in making your commercial setting as simple as possible, you will need a proper guideline that you can easily get online. If you know someone who is already running a business there, you can discuss solutions to the challenges a person might face there.

There are so many visa choices to make if you are really serious about setting a company, or a shop in America. You need to make up your mind whether or not you intend to settle there permanently. The above were some useful tips but they are just to help you make up your mind if you are thinking of commencing a firm in the US. That is enough for now, for more posts, please keep on visiting the blog from time to time.



HD Animated explainer videos

Present day, the web has become a survival of the fittest and you need to use the most effective tools in order to survive and outpace competition – Videos that inspire action. This is where Explainer Mojo comes in! The core-idea behind Explainer Mojo is the creation of extremely effective and high-quality explainer videos for businesses that aim to drive conversions.

hd Animated explainer videos