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"The Fish Shop is a fishmongers based in Bristol in the South West of England.  We specialise in great Salmon and super fresh fish and shellfish. We have chosen some of our top sellers and made them available by mailorder. We believe this is some of the freshest fish you will find anywhere in the UK.   Why buy from us?  Our fish and seafood is the freshest it can be. We only send fish direct from the port on the day it was landed. Our shellfish comes direct from the farms. Our mussels or oysters you are eating are the freshest they can be. And all orders come with free delivery, backed by our no quibble satisfaction guarantee.  Where does our fish and seafood come from?   Our Salmon comes from Northern Ireland (Glenarm Organic) and The Faroe islands (Var Freerange). We use a local smokery  for all our smoked and cured salmon products. They use oak chippings and are a carbon neutral business. Our mixed fish boxes and Mackerel usually come from Looe fish market, the home of Cornish dayboat fish in the UK - smaller boats means less disruptive fishing methods and, because they are out fishing for less time,  they land fresher and better fish. For mussels, we always use River Exe or Conwy Bay mussels - always super fresh, they come pan ready with hardly any waste. Mackerel is always line caught or in shore netted. We source from Weymouth in Dorset down to Hale near St Ives, wherever is freshest on the day.   What makes salmon organic?  Glenarm Irish Salmon fillets are certified Organic by the Organic Food Federation.  That means they are fed a strict diet of local natural and organic fish meal - sourced only fifteen miles from the Salmon farm. Located in the fast moving waters of the Irish Sea and free of chemicals, antibiotics and growth promoters Glenarm Organic Salmon are renowned for their quality, taste and texture. It's so tasty it was served as part of Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday celebration dinner."

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