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Vehicles powered by internal combustion engines are blamed for contributing to air pollution; that's why emission controls have become important forklift parts. While airplanes, cars and buses bear the brunt of criticism for harmful emissions, forklifts are no less guilty. The need to control harmful emissions in forklifts becomes even more important when you consider that they are often used in enclosed workspaces. To address this problem, forklift manufacturers have developed special forklift parts to reduce the truck's emissions.

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Advantages of internal combustion forklifts

In the first place, why use internal combustion forklifts at all when trucks powered by electricity are available? The main advantage of gasoline or diesel forklifts is that they produce more drive line torque at a low RPM compared with electric trucks. This makes them ideal for moving loads in excess of 15,000 lbs. which electric trucks cannot handle. Secondly, they cost less than electric forklifts (although the operating cost per hour is higher). A third advantage is the ability to operate in the rain and on difficult outdoor terrain like mud and puddles. Lastly, unlike electric trucks, you can re-fuel gasoline and diesel forklifts without having to interrupt the work.

Compliance with government regulations

Countries with strict CO emission controls like the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and countries in the European Union have regulations that forklifts must comply with. These standards generally adhere to those for cars and other internal combustion-powered vehicles. To enable gradual compliance by users, these standards become more stringent over a period of time with some requiring full compliance by 2013. Buying a forklift made in a country without emission controls will entail the addition of forklift parts that will reduce emissions if the truck is used in a country where these controls are mandatory.

Emission control mechanisms

One simple method of controlling CO emissions is by adjusting the mixture of air and fuel through frequent engine tuneups. However, to ensure the effective reduction of emissions, forklift manufacturers have developed special forklift parts using the latest technology available and incorporating them in their latest models. Among these technologies are the use of diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts, lean NOx catalysts, NOx absorbers and selective catalytic reduction.

When it comes to convenience and ability to travel at a far place, diesel forklifts is the right type of forklift that is best for you. Unlike the electric forklift, the diesel or gas powered forklift can travel anywhere for as long as it has an available diesel. It can also travel even if it is raining, which makes it more efficient than electric one.

All types and models of forklift have the same function. They only differ in sizes and the capacity of load that they can carry. However, if you are looking for a model that can go to different places, you might want to try purchasing it to save gas. The ability of diesel forklifts to travel even in rough roads and long distance makes it more useful. You'll no longer have to worry of battery drainage because you can always find a gasoline station to fill-up your tank with diesel.

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