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We had pending legislation back in 2013 in Washington State that would have stopped false advertising of plumbing services to the consumer by those that were not licensed but... we never got it passed. The reason it failed was that nobody but the cheaters had any interest in the bill.

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Lack of effective plumber license enforcement in Washington State is transforming a skilled licensed trade into a commercial con game costing consumers and skilled craftsmen dearly.

The Issues Affecting Licensed Plumbers and Plumbing Contractors:

1. Unlicensed Plumbers - ineffective enforcement of plumber licensing

2. Fake Plumbing Companies - General Contractors Advertising Plumbing Services

3. The Cost of Advertising - Is incredibly high due to unfair competition from the unlicensed

4. Lack of Consumer Awareness - They don't know that real plumbers are a licensed trade. (Drain cleaners are not plumbers)

5. Other trades wishing to perform plumbing services - i.e. Builders, General Contractors and the HVAC trades

The plumbing trade is a regulated industry in Washington State. All plumbing work must be performed by those with a certificate of experience; in other words - a license. Over the years there can been a concerted effort by those not in the plumbing trade to violate the law that restricts who may engage in the trade. The attack on the plumber and the plumbing contractor has come from multiple directions.

There is not one enemy of the licensed plumber, but many. The most significant root cause of the plumber license losing credibility and value over the years is the passivity and inattention of the licensed plumber. As a rule, once we have the license in our hand we don't think much about it other than to complain about the renewal fees or the imposition of the continuing education requirement.

A plumber license represents years of study, certified training and official permission to engage in a regulated profession. The dictionary defines license as "a permission granted by competent authority to engage in a business or occupation or in an activity otherwise unlawful". A license excludes others by law.

If enforcement of a law is weak or ineffective - nobody will obey the law.

Today the plumbing industry is under attack from those that wish to be engaged in the business of plumbing without a license. The sad fact is that there hasn't been much resistance from those of us that are most affected i.e. licensed plumbers, plumbing contractors and homeowners. The plumbing industry has been invaded by anybody that wants to represent themselves as plumbers without the license because nobody has had a keen interest in the enforcement of plumber licensing.

Although there are many different general plumbing parts that are used by plumbers. Because there are so many different parts, they have made it easier by having a few major categories that all of these different parts can fall into. Some of the major categories include:

• Tools specific to plumbing and related work like drain wrenches and pipe cutters 

• Pipes, which is one of the most important parts used in plumbing and includes various shapes and sizes. 

• Accessories that are often used for plumbing, which can include pipe tape, various faucet knobs and heads, polyvinyl chloride pipes (PVC), and PVC cement

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