Beauty Packages In Al Nahda Dubai



Beauty Packages In Al Nahda Dubai




Whatever the skin problems experienced in the area of the face or neck, there is a perfect facial waiting for you.


At Green Dew International Salon & Spa a beauty therapist will discuss your needs with you and determine the problems using a skin analyser scanner diagnosis machine. Then, using expert knowledge and high quality, internationally branded products they will decide on the best course of facial treatment. The facial may involve steaming, cleansing, extracting, massage or a specially formulated mask, depending on the needs of your skin.


Our trained beauty therapists offer the best facial services in Tripunithura, Cochin and will know the perfect course of treatment to ensure you get the skin that you want.


·         VLCC Instaglow Facial

·         Natures Illuminating Gold

·         Natures Youth Forever

·         Natures O2+ Facial Rejuvenating

·         Anti Ageing Facial

·         Protein Lacto Natures

·         Vegetable Peel - Shahnaz

·         Shahnaz Gold Facial

·         Shahnaz Pearl Facial

·         Under Eye Treatment

·         Glycolic Facial

·         Natures Gold Facial

·         Natures Papaya Facial

·         Natures Saffron Facial

·         Natures Mixed Fruit Facial

·         Arabian Facial

·         Banjaras Papaya Facial

·         O3+ Whitening Facial

·         De Tan Control

·         Sentir Anti Agening Facial

·         Casmara Vitamin E Facial

·         Casmara Goji Facial

·         Gold Facial - France

·         Vegetable Peel - Kayakalp

·         Protein Lacto Natures

·         Natures Pearl Facial


Facial – GDI Unique Service

Paraffin facial


Indulging in a paraffin facial totally rejuvenates the face. It involves the steps of a usual facial; cleansing, exfoliation and massage, followed by the application of a paraffin wax mask treatment. A specially designed gauze is applied to your face and warmed paraffin wax is then layered on top of this. The wax sets and is removed about 20 minutes later before the face is again cleansed.


A paraffin facial is wonderful for rehydrating the skin, deeply cleansing pores, improving the texture of the skin and relaxing the muscles of the face to improve the appearance of wrinkles.


A paraffin facial is without doubt best facial treatment for clients with dry, dull skin who want bring luster and suppleness back to the face.


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