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Tire pressure is one of the most important things in any vehicle to maintain. You get better gas mileage, less wear on your suspension and less wear on your tires when they are inflated correctly. The best part about maintaining your pressure is just how easy it is to do. All you have to do is fill them up with air (which is easily manageable without professional help) and you're good to go. The only thing you have to worry about is when you need to fill your tires with air.

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Most people rely on their vision to determine whether or not the they need inflating. You can sometimes see a bulge on the bottom of the tire which lets you know it is somewhat flat. This is an extremely inaccurate way to measure pressure. Some tires are designed differently than others and will show more or less of the bulge. Even when tires aren't bulging they can often times need more air. The easiest way to keep track of the pressure in your tires is with a motorcycle tire pressure monitor, or motorcycle TPMS.


A TPMS works by receiving electronic signals from each of your tires which tells the unit what the tire pressure is in each tire. The electronic signal comes from PressurePro tire sensors which rest on the air intake valve and replace the valve stem caps. Installation of a tire pressure monitoring system is extremely simple. You put the tire sensors on each of the intake valves and then put the main unit (the Monitor), which receives the signal wherever you want it on the dash. Then you press a few buttons and you can check the pressure of any tire you want-even while riding down the road. This system is great for monitoring pressure and maintaining an ideal amount of air in your bike tires as well as the sidecar and/or trailer tires.


The classic way of measuring the air pressure in any tire is with a tire pressure gauge. They are manual pieces of equipment that require you to get down next to your tire, take off the cap of the intake valve and then press the tire gauge onto the valve stem. The gauge then measures the amount of pressure coming out of the tire and the stick pops out showing you what the tire pressure is. It's a long process and gets tiresome because of how often you need to check your tire pressure. An electronic gauge is really the only convenient and accurate way to keep track of how much air is in your tires. PressurePro sensors read tire pressure once each 7 seconds and transmit updated readings to the Monitor. Should you have a low-pressure tire, the system alerts you as to which tire, and what the tire pressure is in that tire.


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