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A huge CONGRATULATIONS on your home purchase!  MASTER PLAN HOME INSPECTIONS is here to check one item off of your list and busy schedule.  While you are busy coordinating the moving company, connecting water, electric and cable, rest assured that you will have one of the most highly trained and qualified home inspectors in all of Nevada doing a complete home inspection from foundation to rooftop.

I'm Lance Gann and I am a nationally licensed and certified professional home inspector.  I am here to provide you with the confidence of knowing you're making a sound buying decision.  Rest assured, I will inspect your entire home lot and always keeping in mind your personal safety.  I own and use state-of-the-art inspection equipment, including a Thermal Imaging Camera, Moisture Meter, 4K Camera Drone  and a Low E Coating (window) Detector to name a few.

We are licensed and certified professional home inspector company in Las Vegas. We offer to best Deal for home inspector service. Call Us 702-476-2060

Technology (Roof Inspection)

A Drone with a 4k Camera allows me to take close up pics of all areas of your roof and chimney.



Thermal Imaging (Moisture Intrusion)

A Thermal Imaging Camera allows me to look for any moisture and water leaks.  I look over your kitchen, bathrooms, showers and all interior walls and ceilings.



Low E Coating Detection (Windows)

I use a Low E Coating Detector to look at your windows to see if you have Low E (energy efficient) type windows.  I verify that the Low E coating is correctly oriented for maximum energy efficiency.

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