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You have had a busy schedule and finally decide to take a vacation. If you are lost for choice then consider Southend-On-Sea. This is the largest town in Essex and one of the most popular destination sites in the area due to its proximity to London. The location of this tourist destination is in the rather driest region of Britain.

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When on vacation, the major aim revolves around maximum relaxation and fun. There are several tourist attractions that will keep you amused. They are fun and exciting for the whole family revolving around their heritage and culture. Some of the attraction sites within this city include The Southend Pier and cliffs, prittlewell priory, central museum, jubilee beach as well as the planetarium.

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1. Castle Park: This is one of the largest parks of city. There are a number of events such as music festivals, fireworks displays, rock concerts, etc. that are held here on the regular basis. There is a cricket week that is celebrated here during the second week of July. Many tourists come here to attend the Cricket Week that is organized here.


2. Colchester Zoo: This place is an interesting option for a day out with your family. The zoo boasts of the rare species of the cat and mammal family that have been kept under the captivity with the motive of protecting them from the danger of extinction.


3. Museum: Colchester is known for its museums. There are four museums that are situated all across the city. These museums have some of the best artefacts and objects that offer different insights into the past of Colchester. The name of these four museums are:


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit sites that one may not have had a chance of visiting prior to your vacation. A good example is the planetarium which is an attraction not commonly found. Just like with all other destination sites, Southend-On-Sea is packed full of life and activity. There are various shopping stores and restaurants where tourists can indulge in the indigenous foods of the area. The shopping malls available in the area include the royal shopping centre with a varied range of unique shops like the Ottakars.


If you are travelling with family and more so children, you need not worry about keeping them entertained. The adventure island is a must visit attraction site. This is a theme park with several rides and exciting attractions that will amuse the young ones. The older generation will also have an opportunity to bring to life their youthful side. they are quite affordable, therefore parents and guardians alike need not worry about spending more than they initially intended.


Activities available in Southend-On-Sea city are immense. One good example is the Carnival. This tends to occur in august and includes processions, fairs, fireworks, dress competitions that are quite fancy, arts festivals among others. You will definitely find something to excite you and amuse you during this period. 

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