The History Of Medical Coding And The Primary Types Used Today

In the before 1900s, it was realized that in order to cope when maintaining medical records of patients and payments by insurance companies for medical expenses, a unified coding system was required to be developed. Medical insurance companies were finding it increasingly hard to interpret making vary payments to two or more patients who had contacted the same illness and been through the same procedure.

The health industry realized that there was an urgent way to produce a standardized method of tracking patients’ diagnosis, procedure or treatment. This would as well as pay for uniform standards for billing insurance companies for health facilities. Asides from this medical coding could be used for a variety of applications in health care, medicine and medical opinion. These add occurring:

– Statistical analysis of diseases

– Help in decision money systems

– Ability to admission and monitor epidemic outbreaks.

There are two main classifications of medical coding, which are statistical and nomenclature. In statistical coding, collective clinical concepts are grouped together into categories. The defense for take steps this is therefore as not to make them too voluminous. Statistical coding with has an ‘others’ or ‘unexceptional’ category for conditions that cannot be classified in the specified categories. In nomenclature coding, which is the one most commonly used in medical coding, there is a surgically remove code for all clinical concept. These medical codes are grouped into:

– Diagnostic codes

– Procedural codes

– Pharmaceutical codes

– Topographical codes

Diagnostic codes: In health care logical codes are used to identify and charity diseases, disorders, symptoms, human tribute patterns, and medical signs. There is no single strive for code and each code is assigned for a assenting intend. The codes are revised by now add-on knowledge is attained.

Procedural codes: these are numeric or alphanumeric codes that are used to identify specific medical proceedings taken by medical professionals.

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Pharmaceutical codes: These codes are assigned to uniquely identify medications. There are several coding systems used worldwide.

Topographical codes: In medicine, topographical codes are used to identify a specific location in the human body.

In the United States the American Medical Association have developed their own medical coding systems and patients can use these codes to determine their diagnosis and treatment and in addition to to check their billing from the health advance provider or payments stated from the insurers. The World Health Organization maintains several sets of international classifications that avow in facilitating comparing of health compound data. Some countries have adapted and are using these systems for their own health care systems.