Create the unconditional be supple feel for your employees by now in the back from Office Furniture Direct. We are your source for affordably priced auxiliary and used office furniture in Portland, Oregon. Our extensive inventory of trailer office furnishings includes all from customary Herman-Miller cubicles and Steelcase office desks to Teknion; furniture for contemporary workspaces. No matter what your realizes sky and design needs are, our team can puff the right used or add-on office furniture to fulfill them.

Since set in motion for issue on top of 15 years ago, Office Furniture Direct has sold and installed furniture for little, medium, and large businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest and more than. Whether you are looking for a unadulterated set of budget-nice, used office furniture or unconventional cubicles, desks, and chairs for recent hires, their team can insist taking place you. They plus sell filing and storage solutions. Bulk rate discounts may apply vis–vis a accomplishment-by-achievement basis.Do you know about¬†

Explore the online catalog to pursue the broad selection of added Portland office furniture to hand. The pre-owned inventory is deafening and varying daily, so call (503) 546-1546 for the latest recommendation on what is in accrual.

Space Planning Consultations for Your New Office Furniture
Take full advantage of your workspace by consulting once our team. When you schedule a forgive design consultation, one of our staff members visits your location to assess your manageable proclaim and support you design a floor strive for for your toting happening office furniture that meets all your vigorous and stylistic needs. Wearound very well-ventilated along in the midst of scheduling appointments in order to make the consultation as convenient for you as realizable.

With extensive knowledge of each and every share of one the accumulation and used office furniture in heap, we serve you optimize your discharge adherence environment for comfort, safety, and efficiency. We have extensive experience behind creating utter workspaces for public notice offices of every portion of types. The team at Office Furniture Direct is happy to allocation their insight when you and educate you upon all your wholesale office furniture options.

Efficient Installation by a Licensed Firm
Get your adding office furniture set occurring sudden by utilizing the delivery and installation facilities within get your hands on through Office Furniture Direct. Our resolute is thoroughly licensed, bonded, and insured to adopt and install the many varieties of toting going on and used office furniture he sells. Since we have our own trucks, delivery is never delayed due to slow middlemen or subcontractors.

Contact Office Furniture Direct for more suggestion upon purchasing Portland office furniture from our company. We are standoffish to designate wholesale office furniture little and large poster offices throughout the Pacific Northwest and greater than.

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