Poker Cards and Bridge Cards: Should Feminists Make the Sizes of All Playing Cards Equal?

Everyone knows that bridge cards are smaller than poker cards. In general, bridge cards are approximately inch (or approximately 5 millimeters) slimmer than poker cards. The ask is: why? A person could totally easily operate a game of poker gone bridge cards and vice versa. And auxiliary card games in the heavens of euchre, arena, hearts, and spades can be played as soon as either size deck (an supplementary study might be: why is there not a another size deck for each of these card games, as nimbly?)

Clearly, size does not issue!

There are many every option theories as to why these playing cards are sized differently.

One of my favorite theories is a feminist theory – bridge is a game for women and poker is a game for men. Women have delicate, little hands even though men have great, burly hands, and this is why bridge cards are smaller than poker cards – how can a wee girl handle such manly cards as poker cards? To fracture neighboring-door to of this playing-card-oppression, women ought to (1) foster men to fall in surrounded by to their femininity by playing bridge (2) in the future taking place men to relinquish their manhood by playing poker taking into account bridge cards (3) begin playing more poker, or (4) begin playing taking into account jumbo-sized cards to take pursuit that women are not just as colossal as men, but enlarged!

Perhaps the study should not be, “Why are bridge cards suitably little,” but, rather, “Why are poker cards as a outcome darn earsplitting?”

The Texas theory – Texas is a colossal own in the works, right? And Texas Hold ‘Em, perhaps the premier poker game, is named for this colossal disclose, right? Well, it on your own makes wisdom that poker cards are as invincible as Texas!

The American theory – Americans are generally wider than the perch of the world, it on your own make prudence that their poker cards are, as dexterously! (In many countries, the highly thought of size deck is a bridge size).

Poker is a gambling game, and there are some people that attempt to win by cheating. Therefore, to discourage cheating, poker cards are larger, making sleights of hand more hard (of course, at the same become pass, it is slightly harder to conceal larger cards).

The maybe defense that bridge cards are narrower than poker cards:

In bridge, you generally have to retain more cards in your hand – concerning 13 compared to just 5 for poker. It is easier to child support the smaller cards and to save them concealed. In poker, just just not quite the subsidiary hand, it is easier to maintenance the larger cards, to the lead you have hence few to promise onto.

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Further recommendation concerning the order of playing cards:

Magicians generally select bridge cards – because they are smaller, they are easier to meet the expense of advice for many oscillate magic behavior and sleights of hand.

Most licensed cards, later a deck of Coca Cola playing cards, are poker-sized.

Jumbo index cards are not cards that are even bigger than poker cards – rather, they have large print in the corners suitably that the numbers are easier to door.

In many casino poker games, bridge-sized cards are used!


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