How to Play Double Klondike

Are you bored behind regular Klondike- the plenty solitaire that we’ve all played hundreds of time?

Then why not attempt Double Klondike- an interesting variation that uses two decks otherwise of one.

The want of the game is to manufacture happening combat sequences, but unlike in regular klondike, in double klondike there are 8 foundations to add!

The game is initially dealt once 9 exchange card stacks.

These are arranged in increasing length.

The first stack has 1 card, slant up.

The second stack has 2 cards, as soon as the pinnacle back point of view occurring.

The third stack has 3 cards, taking into account the extremity by now direction happening.

The fourth stack has 4 cards, as well as the top later tilt taking place.

Etc, until you have dealt to the 9th stack, which has 9 cards…

This means there are 45 cards dealt out initially, which leaves 59 cards in the accretion. The cards from the accretion can be dealt out at any era, considering 3 liven up thing dealt out in one go.

Other than the exchange layout, the rules are exactly the linked as regular klondike solitaire.


– Cards are built the length of, in interchange suits.

– An blank column can and no-one else be filled subsequent to a King.

– Entire runs of cards can be moved in one go.

You might think that double klondike would be harder than regular klondike solitaire, because of the other cards- but this is actually wrong. For more info Togel Hongkong.

Double Klondike is actually easier to win, because you are less likely to reach trapped. There are more moved understandable, and if you follow the exact strategy, it’s usually not too hard to win…

** Double Klondike Strategy **
Aces should be moved to the foundations whenever they appear.

A card can safely be moved if the four cards of lower rank, and the opposite color, are already in the opening.

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